Carbon Fiber Heating Wire

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Carbon (carbon) cable contains conductor base made of carbon material in insulation from heat-resistant Teflon as a conductor. This type of insulation is very resistant to high temperatures.

Carbon fiber consists of a variety of ultra-thin carbon filaments with a diameter of 5 to 15 microns. This thread is obtained due to the parallel connection of carbon atoms in microcrystals, due to which the carbon fiber has a number of qualities: high strength, flexibility, low specific gravity, high tension, small coefficient of thermal expansion, chemical inertness.

The main advantage of a carbon cable is its economy in the consumption of electricity. Using a carbon cable for the underfloor heating system, you can reduce electricity costs by 30%.

Carbon filament, although it is very thin, but it has increased strength. Remaining flexible and elastic, the carbon filament is almost impossible to tear or stretch. Another unique quality of carbon fiber is its refractoriness and frost resistance, carbon fibers are resistant even at very high temperatures.

The heating of the carbon cable when the current is applied takes place only 3 seconds after switching on, and the heater cools down quickly. Carbon cable is compatible with almost all thermostats.