AbForm Ekopur-60A

ABFORM POLYURETHANE for two-component molds and castings

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– SHORE 60A hardness,
– Mixing ratio of polyol / isocyanate 8: 1
– color – net green,
– Gelling time of 10-15 minutes.

Two-component molded polyurethane AbForm Ekopur-60A for making molds

Due to its low viscosity and low shrinkage, the smallest details of the surface can easily be flooded and precisely transferred. It takes little time to cure completely. Finished shapes differ in endurance and flexibility as well as a considerable abrasion resistance.

Production of molds for concrete and gypsum products:
– Garden figures
– Fence elements
– plaster piece
– facade panels
– stone slabs
– 3D plasterboards
– Stamps for concrete

Polyurethane is characterized by a much higher hardness than silicone (expressed on the land scale).


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