Ultra clear resin Eis-Epoxy

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Transparent Eis-Epoxy jewerly resin.

Crystalline – casting.

Total yellowness!

The Eis-Epoxy material is transparent, it does not cloud in direct sunlight, while maintaining an attractive appearance for many years. Artistic epoxy resin is a godsend for designers, people who love non-standard, original interiors.

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EIS-Epoxy resin for jewelry – ideal for creating various types of decorative jewelry, accessories, items of clothing, footwear and wardrobe items.

Perfect for designing necklaces, cameos, bracelets, earrings, pendants, brooches, tiaras, rings, pendants, buttons, etc.

We measure the individual components of Eis-Epoxy (comp. A and comp. B) by observing the appropriate 3: 1 ratio

Product cast from collective packaging into containers corresponding to the order.

The absolute transparency of the composition opens up a wide range of creativity: the coating can be decorated with drawings, ornaments, put any elements and materials in the thickness of the material.

Other applications for epoxy resin casting:

  • creating transparent tops with complex shapes;
  • coating and renovation of wooden furniture, canvases, posters;
  • production of lamps, window sills, indoor and outdoor products, garden path design;
  • casting decorative facade details.

Product features and benefits

Our online store presents Eis-Epoxy compounds for professional and home use, multi-functional compositions with excellent utility properties.

Among them are:

  • no bubble formation during operation;
  • easy dosing, excellent mixing with hardener, fast curing;
  • compatibility with modifiers giving the necessary properties;
  • possibility of storing residues in closed containers.

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