Epoxy Resin Foundation Epidian 652 + hardener IDA

Two-component colorless epoxy resin EPIDIAN 652 + Hardener IDENTIFIER


  • Transparency
  • Possibility of obtaining smooth decorative surfaces
  • High surface aesthetics
  • Possibility of coloring
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean

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Epoxy resin is a low-gloss, clear liquid.

The hardened resin layer is characterized by high resistance to abrasion.

The resin can be used for:

  • 3D effect
  • Casting transparent items
  • Pouring items in a transparent resin
  • Making decorative wood-based items and transparent or colored resin compositions
  • Pouring “canyons” in decorative countertops
  • Pouring the surface of wooden countertops
  • For the production of solvent-free coatings
  • For impregnation, reinforcement and protection of concrete against dusting
  • For making fiberglass laminates
  • With quartz sand – for priming concrete substrate in floor systems
  • With colored quartz sand – for making floors in a putty system and concrete screeds
  • With colored quartz sand – for making “stone rugs”
  • With quartz sand – for topping up and repairing floors
Epoxy Resin Foundation Epidian 652 + IDA
Buy Epoxy Resin Foundation Epidian 652 + Hardener IDA


Curing at room temperature should be carried out for 7 days in order to obtain full mechanical strength and within 14 days in order to achieve chemical resistance. During use, small portions of the composition should be prepared, which will be used within several minutes.

Epoxy Resin Foundation Epidian 652 + IDA

Optimum working conditions are 20 ° C and relative humidity up to 65%. It is not recommended to make floors below 15 ° C. Higher humidity may cause cloudiness, cratering, stickiness on the cured coating. The reduction of the substrate temperature during curing below the dew point has a particularly critical effect on the appearance and quality of the coating. In the case of multi-layer coatings, the next layer can never be applied if the temperature of the substrate is lower than or equal to the dew point temperature.

Epoxy Resin Foundation Epidian 652 + IDA


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