Two-component polyurethane system for the production of higher density elements for decor.

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Features A B

Viscosity at 25 ° C, mPas

400 ± 100 220 ± 50

Density in 25 ° C, g/cm3

1,02 ± 0,02 1,22 ± 0,02
Color  Yellow Brown
Storage temperature,  °C 5-25 5-25

Storage time, months

3 6


Reactivity in
conditions of Lab

(samples foam after manual removal mixing with a mechanical stirrer with speed of 2500 ± 500 rpm)

A:B by weight


Temperature of components, °C


Mixing time, s

10 ± 2

Start time, s

120 ± 20

Gelation time, s

400 ± 60

Density in a mug, kg/m3



Suggested parameters processing

A:B by weight


Temperature of components, °C


Mold temperature, °C

18 – 25

Molding time, h


Block stabilization time before cutting, days

min 7

Reactivity and apparent core density can be changed to application parameters and processing conditions. The method of mixing and pouring the ingredients into the mold should ensure uniform spilling of the system layer to the bottom in order to obtain homogeneous structure of the rising foam. While foaming foam, avoid shaking a mold that may cause violation of its growth.

The information contained in the above technical information is based on laboratory tests and practical tests and does not constitute guarantee the properties of the final product. Our information does not absolve you from verifying the data provided and test our product in the technical conditions of your application, as well as test the final product.


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