Grey epoxy resin + IDA hardener

Colored epoxy resin for applying a fine-grained tincture or painting on concrete surfaces to create a wear-resistant, chemical-resistant and attractive covering. The set comes with a hardener

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NOTE: the colors presented here are only illustrative and may differ slightly from the reality. The appearance depends, for example, on the monitor settings. 

Ratio of epoxy resin (component A) to hardener (component B) 5:1 by weight.

Hardened coatings have very good mechanical (hardness, flexibility, abrasion, impact strength) and chemical resistance (see the product technical sheet).


Extremely wear-resistant, is applied to concrete, chemically resistant coating.

Not afraid of oil,  gasoline and heavy loading equipment.

Advantages of colored epoxy as a paint:

  • high wear resistance;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • chemical resistant.

Can be used on:

  • industrial floor,
  • pharmaceutical floor,
  • medical and food rooms,
  • refrigerated rooms,
  • floors with high traffic and usable load for public use,
  • petrol stations, car washes, warehouses,
  • workshops (including floors of logistics centers).

Color: gray, other colors look down.

Drying time: 24 hours (one day) with a thickness of up to 1 mm at a temperature above 25 °C

Surface preparation and application: Apply to a previously clean, dry floor. Prepare the paint for application by thoroughly mixing the ingredients with a whisk on a drill in the proportions indicated on the package.

The pot life of the mixed resin is preferably not more than 25 minutes. Apply the material with a roller or squeegee in an even layer. It is possible to apply 1 thin layer, 2 thin layers according to interlayer drying within 24 hours or 1 thick layer up to a thickness of 1 mm.


  • possibility to obtain smooth decorative surfaces,
  • high surface aesthetics,
  • mechanical resistance,
  • chemical resistance,
  • waterproof,
  • easy to clean.


Curing at room temperature should be carried out for 7 days to obtain full mechanical strength and for 14 days to achieve chemical resistance. When using, prepare small portions of the composition that will be used within a dozen or so minutes.

The optimal working conditions are 20 ° C and relative air humidity of up to 65%. It is not recommended to make floors at temperatures below 15 ° C. At higher humidity, turbidity, cratering and stickiness may occur on the hardened coating. Lowering the substrate temperature below the dew point during curing has a particularly critical effect on the appearance and quality of the coating. In the case of multilayer coatings, the next layer may under no circumstances be applied if the temperature of the substrate is lower than or equal to the dew point temperature.

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