GussPUR-W polyurethane for castings fast hard

GussPUR-W polyurethane for casting with filler, fast, hard.聽Very fluid, fast-curing polyurethane resin for casting with filler. Widely applicable, also with the addition of different fillers.

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Two-component composition (possibility to add modifying fillers), designed for fast and accurate making of models and molds, decorative castings, replicas and copies, reduction models, support fixtures, production models, core boxes, mold fillings, mounting plates, negatives, control castings, templates, fixtures and prototype parts.

Main properties:

  • Low viscosity – very high fluidity
  • Excellent mapping of surfaces and complex shapes
  • Fast cure with low shrinkage
  • Suitable for thin wall and thicker castings
  • Modifiable properties by adding different fillers
  • Easy outgassing and quick demoulding

GussPUR-W poliuretan do odlew贸w szybki twardy

Non-filled fast curing polyurethane resins are widely used in modelling and in the production of figures for board games as well as for decorative elements and thin-walled technical parts. Non-filled fast curing resins can be filled with any dry fillers such as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum dust, quartz flour. Due to its very low viscosity, the ratio of polyurethane resin to filler can be as high as 100% and the mixture is still pourable and easy to deaerate.


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