Natural liquid LATEX

Milky white in colour, becomes yellow-brown when cured. Extremely resistant to acids and salts, it can be used in cold casting of resins, gypsum, low melting point waxes.

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Latex rubber is particularly suitable for the construction of flexible seamless moulds, for all types of figures, sculptures and objects.

Do you have a funny object that I would like to repeat? Latex is a convenient and easy to use material. Once you have the form ready, you will be able to create many repeats of a basic object without much effort.

Clean the duplicate object well and allow it to dry. Place the object on a flat, horizontal surface. Using a brush, apply the first coat of liquid latex. This will eventually be the surface of the future shape, so there should be no bubbles on it. To protect the brush, lubricate it with dishwashing detergent.


After 30 minutes the first layer should have dried completely, you can start applying more layers of latex, which should also take about half an hour to dry. The more layers of latex you apply, the stronger the shape will be. It is sufficient to cover very small details with 4-5 layers. Large ones will require 10-15 layers.

When you make a mould for a large object, you need to add a reinforcing material, such as gauze: dip it in latex, fix it where the future shape can stretch accidentally. Do not add reinforcing material to places that need to be stretched in order to easily get the product out of the mould.

Natural liquid LATEX


Leave the mould to dry completely overnight. Remove the mould, check the strength of the latex – Turn the mould inside out and return it to its original position. Now you can fill the mould with plaster, polyester resin (epoxy), etc.



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