Payment and delivery

The price list for the cost of silicone and polyurethane compounds, as well as products from them, posted on the site, refers to shipments in the territory of the Republic of Poland, as well as in the EU, as well as current prices can be clarified, contact the store by phone +48574439799 or by e-mail

All materials purchased in the online store are sent via UPS or other courier service.

In most cases, we send the ordered materials within 24 hours after the order has been correctly finalized on the portal, confirmation of the correctly placed order – receipt of the return email generated by the system shortly after sending. The absence of such a message means an erroneous order, which should be repeated. All materials placed in our store are in stock.

* Delivery of goods is paid additionally !!!

We ask you to pay only on the basis of the Proformas issued to the bank account, if you want to pay the Proforma through Pay Pal to the cost of goods and services, you need to add + 9% !!!


Cost of delivery

 Parcel weight netto 1-10 kgParcel weight netto 11-15 kgParcel weight netto 16-25 kgDelivery time, Business days
Austria19 EUR24 EUR26 EUR7
Belgium27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Bulgaria22,5 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7-12
Croatia15,25 EUR17,15 EUR17,15 EUR7-12
Czech Republic11,95 EUR11,95 EUR11,95 EUR7
Denmark27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Estonia23 EUR24 EUR29 EUR7
Finland27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7-12
France27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Germany12,95 EUR24 EUR24 EUR7
Greece27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Hungary15,25 EUR17,15 EUR17,15 EUR7
Ireland27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Italy27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7-12
Latvia23,95 EUR25,95 EUR26,95 EUR7
Lithuania23,95 EUR25,95 EUR26,95 EUR7
Luxembourg27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Netherlands27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Poland39 zł39 zł49 zł1-3
Portugal27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7-12
Romania15,25 EUR17,15 EUR17,15 EUR7
Slovakia13,45 EUR13,45 EUR13,45 EUR7
Slovenia27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7
Spain27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7-12
Sweden27 EUR29 EUR34 EUR7-12