Two-part silicone rubber: flowable liquid silicone and curing agent.

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  • very good flowability;
  • cures at room temperature within 3-5 hours;
  • an exceptional fluidity and good operability, easy to demold;
  • good tensile and tear strength, low shrinkage;
  • high duplication times;
  • thinner silicone rubber;
  • easy processing;
  • connection to a robust, rubber-elastic vulcanizate without reaction heat;
  • short temperature resistance up to 250 degrees Celsius;
  • very high level of detail in the reproduction;
  • excellent non-stick effect for easy triggering of the models;
  • use in larger, self-supporting forms for all types of impressions.


Mixing proportion of curing agent (%)2
Operating time (mins 25 ºC )4
Curing time(hours 25 ºC)5
Hardness (A°) 30
Density ( g/cm3 )1.08
Viscosity (mPas -25 ºC)24000
Tensile-strength (kgf /cm2 )≥45
Tear-strength (kgf /cm )≥33
Elongation-break (%)≥ 460
Retractility (%)≤0.25


RTV—TWO molding silicone rubber (silicone) and silicone are generally named as two-part room temperature sulfurated silicone rubber, which features an exceptional fluidity and good operability.When mixed with 4%一5% curing agent, they can still be operated within 50 minutes,but will be formed after 4-5 hours.With resistance to deformation, high temperature, acid and alkali, and expansion, silicone flexible molds are used for mold duplication and delicate mold making for poli crafts, resin crafts lighting and candle crafts.


This product is a white or red flowable liquid with a hardness of 22—50A° when cured. If large products and therefore multiple-piece molds are needed by customers, silicone rubber with higher hardness will be required for the molds. Conversely, soft silicone is indispensable for molds with complicated pattern and delicate details. The amount of curing agent admixture depends on the actual need of customers. More will be added for speedy drying and fast release and less when otherwise.

(Notewe do not recommend silicone oil. For special soft mold or molds with complex pattern or fine details, 5%一10% silicon oil can be added to condition the flexibility of the mold for convenience of release)


Curing agent and silicon proportion and reaction(Under room-temperature-25C):
1、Added with 1% of curing agent, silicone can      still flow within 2 hours, mold can be released in 6-8 hours.
2、Added with 2% of curing agent, silicone can still flow within 50mins to 1 hours, mold can be released in 2-4 hours.
3、Added with 3% of curing agent, silicone can still flow within 28-30 minutes, mold can be released in 1-2 hours.
4、Added with 4% of curing agent, silicone can still flow wtithin 10-15 minutes, mold can be released in 1-1.5 hours.


Stir the base (Part A) well beofre use (except when depending on machine ).

Shake the catalyst container (Part B) well before use.

This is a 100 Part A to 2 Part B mixing ratio by weight.Weigh the desire amount of base into a clean mixing container.

Weight the proper amount of catalyst into the container. Mix the base and catalyst together by stirring with a stick until a uniform color is obtained. Scrape the container walls and bottom well to insure a thorough mix.

Though it is often unnecessary to deair the material due to its low viscosity some may choose to do so. If so,place the container into a vacuum chamber and evacuate the entrapped air from the mixture using a vacuum pump capable of achieving 29 inches of mercury vacuum.The mixture will rise, crest and then collapse in the contanier. Interruption(bumping) of the vacuum may be necessary to prevent overflowing the container. Keep the mixture under full vacuum for 2-3 minutes.

Bleed air slowly into the vacuum chamber. When the chamber is at atmospheric equiplibrium,remove the cover plate and take out the container.

Pour the deaired material slowly in a steady stream from one end of the mould so that the material flows evenly over the pattern. This should minimize emtrapment of air bubbles under the flowing material. A”ready”mold may be poured firstly over the pattern, which will also help reduce the possibility of entrapping air on the pattern and in the cured rubber.A mold release agent may be applied on the pattern first to improve release.

Allow the rubber to cure for 2-4 hours at 24C before removing the cured rubber mold from the pattern. Heat acceleration not recommended with this product.

For best results, allow the mold to air cure an additional 24 hours before using it in production.


Twelve(12) months from date of shipment when stored at +5 ℃ …. + 30 ℃ in the original  sealed packages.


Inhalation: Remove source(s) of contamination and move victim to fresh air. Contact physician immediately.

Eye Contact: Flush eyes with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

Skin Contact: In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water; remove contaminated clothing and launder before reuse; seek medical attention if rash develops.

Ingestion: Do not indeuce vomiting unless instructed by a physician.Contact physicain immediatedly.

After first aid, get appropriate in-plant,paramedic,or community medical support.



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